Dear Dr. Voynick,

My family and I want to extend the warmest thanks to you and your staff. When we adopted Shogun in August, we were told that he needed to have surgery on his back left hind leg due to a torn knee injury.

The vet that was to do the surgery told us that Shogun was too hyper and would not be a good candidate for the procedure. About a week later an article was posted in the Star Ledger outlining the Stem Cell therapy that you have perfomred, voila` – our prayers were answered.

It has been over a month, Shogun no longer toe touches and is moving with more ease. We know this procedure will not reattached his ligament but it has given him more freedom of motion.

You and your staff were very welcoming, we enjoyed our visits to your office and appreciated all the attention that was given to us and Shogun. Thank you very much for an alternative to surgery and for saving us a lot of money in the long run.


Elisabeth Qersdyn

Roxy Papa

Ahto Gantert

Hilde Gantert

Amber Schwartz