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Advanced Pet Services in Randolph

American Animal Hospital offers particular advanced treatment options for patients who need additional treatment for medical issues.

Arthritis – Revolutionary Treatment

Using your own pet’s fat and platelet blood cells, our American Animal Hospital has the equipment to process and inject up to 520 million stem cells, up from 40-80 million in 2005, back into your dog or cat’s arthritic joints and I.V. This “regenerative medicine” technology enables your pet to relieve pain and repair arthritic joints.

Laser Surgery

We are proud to be one of the first hospitals in New Jersey to offer laser surgery. The laser is used in place of a scalpel blade to vaporize a precise, thin layer of tissue. Some benefits of laser surgery compared to traditional surgery are:

  • Less Pain – The laser seals nerve ending, effectively decreasing postoperative pain.
  • Less Bleeding – The laser also seals small blood vessels, decreasing blood loss and speeding surgery.
  • Less Swelling – The laser is very precise, leaving surrounding tissues unharmed.

Please ask if the laser would be right for your pet’s surgical procedure at American Animal Hospital.

If you would like more information about the American Animal Hospital, our staff would be happy to give you a tour of the entire facility and explain our services. We also welcome the opportunity to make presentations to schools, community groups, and children’s organizations.


The TonoPen is used to measure ocular (eye) pressure. This helps the doctor to diagnose such disorders as Glaucoma. This procedure can be done during an Office Visit and causes no discomfort to your pet. This procedure helps the doctor evaluate eye problems before pain or blindness occurs.

If your pet has chronic eye problems, or you think that your pet’s eyes are just not right, ask the veterinarian about the TonoPen.


Our in house ultrasound machine allows for a more detailed investigation of your pet's internal organs, including liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, pancreas, adrenal glands, stomach, intestines and lymph nodes. This typically does not require sedation, just a small area of hair might need to be clipped. If any areas are of concern, we can often sample the organs with a small needle and send some cells out for analysis. If your pet's heart requires an ultrasound, we will call in a specialist to obtain those images and have a cardiologist review them.

Schedule your advanced pet health service with one of our compassionate veterinarians by calling us directly at (973) 370-9143 or filling out our quick and easy contact form.

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