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Our on-site pharmacy carries a large selection of quality medications from reliable manufacturers. In addition to our many stocked medications, supplements and preventatives, we can also have select medications compounded in a form or flavor your pet will like.

Randolph In-House Veterinary Pharmacy

At American Animal Hospital our pharmacy is stocked to carry a wide range of medications including prescription food, supplements, and an extensive assortment of Chinese herbs. We have on hand the products needed to keep your pet healthy and to treat them should the need arise.

We carry several brands of:

  • flea and tick control
  • heartworm preventive
  • internal parasite treatment
  • medications to treat your pet’s acute or chronic condition

You can feel safe when buying your medications from us. We work directly with many pharmaceutical companies to not only negotiate fair prices but ensure that the medications have been properly handled and stored. We also carry a large amount of compounded medications. As most parents know, getting your kids to take their medicine can be difficult.

Compounding pharmacies allow us to order medication in yummy flavors as well as manufacturing different strengths. By obtaining your pet’s medication from us, we can guarantee that your pet is being dosed with the correct amount and will go over any potential side effects or concerns. We carry a variety of prescription cat and dog food, however, should we not have what you want, we would be more than happy to order it for your pet.

Contact our Randolph veterinary pharmacy by completing our online form or dialing (973) 370-9143 today.

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  • “I am an advocate for this veterinarian office because of the cutting-edge treatment options they have available for dogs like mine. I encourage you to seek out this option for your pet as well.”

    - Christina D.
  • “I was truly impressed, and felt so comfortable with the extraordinary staff, and Dr. Brian Voynick!!”

    - CarrieAnn M.
  • “Terrific place! Compassionate, patient staff have been tending to our furry friends for over 12 years.”

    - Aino V.