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Pet Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine in Randolph

Your pet’s own stem cells (or “repair cells”) have been used at American Animal Hospital to treat painful osteoarthritis, kidney, and liver disease. Our Director, Brian T Voynick, DVM, who is also an IVAS certified acupuncturist since 1996, was the first veterinarian in the United States to perform autologous (from the same patient) stem cell therapy on dogs. In 2005, “Sedona,” a white German Shepherd, had crippling arthritis affecting her elbow. After her stem cell injection, she was again able to climb stairs, had increased mobility and an improved quality of life.

Lately, our team has been treating dogs and cats with a new and improved stem cell technology. It is no longer necessary to obtain stem cells from your pet’s fat (adipose). Instead, stem cells and platelet rich plasma (P.R.P.) are derived from your pet’s own blood sample, which requires no surgery at all. These active stem cells are injected directly into your pet’s bloodstream, as well as the affected joints with “nano-fibers.”

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